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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Zoomer


My kitty cats love their Friskies.  In the evening for dinner, they both split a Friskies can.  I usually purchase the boxes of cans, and there's always this puzzle thing on the back of the box.  I've never really looked at it, until yesterday.   Enter: The Zoomer

I figured, why not?  I'm just going to throw it out anyway.  So I grabbed my scizors and I cut The Zoomer out according to the instructions.  I had to use an exacto knife to cut out the windows, but otherwise it was not hard to do.  

Folding the thing was not easy because it wasn't perforated at all.  I made the folds using my countertop to keep it flat and straight. But it's small, so it came together quickly.   The cardboard was stiff enough that it didn't get destroyed while folding and figuring out which tab goes where, but soft enough to maneuver it.

The box suggest to fill the toy with Friskies kibble, but we use very small kibble for Gordo's lack of teeth.  But I did have some treats on hand from their Easter baskets, so I filled it with that.

The verdict?  They loved it!  They liked knocking it around and getting the treats out of it.  Here's a video of Puffin's reaction to the toy

Shortly after Puffin was done with the toy, I found Gordo on top of the china cabinet with the toy next to him keeping a look out for toy thieves.

Enjoy the weekend everybody! 
~The Craftmeister

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