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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Captain's Quarters - Pink Sky

"Pink sky in morning, sailors take warning.
 Pink sky at night, sailor's delight."

Remember that old saying? Well, sailors would panic than rejoice with my not-really-a-master-bathroom-but-I'm-calling-it-that-anyway master-bathroom makeover.

That's a mouthful. 

The ceiling is the first step in the redo of the master bath, but it took longer than my husband and I originally thought.  We figured we'd just slap a coat or two of ceiling paint on it and be done.  But then we noticed a pretty long crack where the slope of the ceiling meets the top flat ceiling (kinda like in an attic).  Rather than just spackle it just to have it come back in a month or so, we repaired it for real.  I'm so glad that I learned how to do this, because it will come in handy when we redo other rooms in the house. 

Complicated ceiling facelift = blogpost! ;) 

First we cleaned out the crack, removed any loose pieces but we were careful not to make it larger than it was.  This was harder than it sounds. Afterwards it looked worse than when we started, but we soon repaired it with heavy duty spackle.  We used DAP Crack Shot brand.  

Then we used fiberglass netting to cover the seam where the crack existed.  We used that instead of drywall joint tape because it should hold better.  It reminded me of paper mâché; use the spackle as glue to hold it to the ceiling.  It was a pain in the butt, but after we got a groove going it got easier.  After that dried Dan sanded and we added another coat of spackle to cover parts where you could still see the net.  

It's very hard to take pics upwards while on a ladder, but I just had to get a picture of it for the blog!  Your welcome, readers

After that dried, Dan sanded again. Now you'd never know there was a crack there at all!  Well... besides the different ceiling color on the seam and the hand and palm prints all over the ceiling.... 
But we're painting, so it's okay to have a mess there. I feel much better painting knowing that the crack shouldn't come back on the ceiling.  :-)

Now to paint!  

When we purchased the paint at Home Depot, I went to the counter to get the special colors mixed while Dan grabbed the things we needed from the isle shelves (ceiling paint and supplies).  When we get home Dan told me that the ceiling paint he got was pink.  We joke around a lot so I figured he was messing with me.  But he assured me, seriously it's pink.  I've heard of accent ceilings before, but pink? Yuck!  After he had a good laugh, he explained that it's a special kind of ceiling paint that goes on pink while it's wet, and dries white.  It's especially helpful if you're painting white on white.   I've never seen anything like it and it was really fun to use....



...Except for the fact that it matched with the purple walls too much.  Talk about pastel in your face, yuck. I got some paint on my arm (inevitable) and when it was drying it was white on the outside, but still pink in the center.  It looked so freaky! Like a crazy flesh eating zombie virus was on my arm. Pictures didn't come out right, but trust me, it was freaky!  Soon enough it dried.  White.  And the bathroom is that much closer to becoming the master bathroom I know it can be! 

And I got the paint off my arm. 

More to come! 
~The Craftmeister

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