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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Captain's Quarters - A Brainstorm

We've been in our house for almost three years and we haven't yet tackled the master bathroom.

Until now.

When I first saw this bathroom on the realty listing of the house, I laughed out loud.  It's not really a master bathroom, I just call it that because it's right outside the master bedroom. And despite it's ugly appearance it's quite large and has lots of potential. 

Potential that I'm going to uncover!  Well, not uncover. That sounds out of budget.  Potential that I'm going to makeover! 

It has lavender walls that have streaks of pale blue creeping through.  The light switch covers were a nice unfinished wood, but the previous owners decided it would look better painted a butter yellow.  The tile floor is actually really nice.  Large grey/blue tiles, and they're in pretty good shape.  So for this makeover, the floor can stay.

 The cabinets are in pretty good shape too, and I like the wainscoting inset.  Funny, I never liked wainscoting or wood paneling until I moved into the country.  Must be the mountain air....  I can clean the larger cabinets with Mr Clean's Magic Eraser, and the corner cabinet I'll have to paint.  The previous homeowners thought it would look good with the colors of the bathroom.  Nothing looks good with these colors, especially one cabinet with all three colors!

Notice more blue streaks over the toilet
The tub is a tub and shower surround.  Personally I hate the look of these things, I much prefer a tile wall and a tub. This one especially looks dated, and the drain plug doesn't stay up so we can't fill the tub.  No baths for us :( As much as I'd love to rip it out and put in a jetted tub and a tile wall, it's just not in the budget.  But I have a few ideas that I think may work to update it. 

This mirror came with the house, and I kinda like it. I say kinda because it's beautiful and ornate and in good shape, but the color is dingy. I think a little paint may go a long way and bring out the beauty in this ugly duckling.
It looks weird because I edited myself out, haha!

I'd like to adopt a more neutral color pallet for the make over.  Since the bathroom is so big I can put a darkish color on the walls and not feel too claustrophobic.  Our halls are already beige, so I decided to pick grey for the natural overall color for the walls in the bathroom.  Behind the sink I'm going to add a navy accent wall to hopefully bring out the blue in the tile. 

A nautical theme would really tie these colors together.  But I have to watch it, too much nautical stuff could start looking campy.  I've seen lots of kids bathrooms that have "Poop Deck" signs.  I admit, I chuckled when I first saw that, but it's not something I'd like to see everyday.   I want classy nautucal.  Adult nautical.  More cruise ship than pirate ship.  And then I came up with the perfect name for a mature nautical themed sort-of-master-bathroom... Captain's Quarters. 

The neutral pallet will make it easy to keep the nautical theme on the mature side.  I'm going to add a few nautical decorations in the room, and I'm looking forward to making a few things for it too.   I purchased anchor wall decals to put up the navy accent wall, I have twisted rope that I could wrap around my garbage can, I have lots and lots of sea glass from my trips to Veiques, and I could add a piece of driftwood as easy decor too!  There's lot of ideas flowing in my head!

I edited one of my pictures so I could have a visual to see how it'd all look.  I think that's a GREAT improvement, it'll look better once it's done for real! 
That's more like it!

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~The Craftmeister

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