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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Captain's Quarters - Adjusting The Sails

Painting a room can be so rejuvenating. There's nothing like covering up the old dingy color that I really didn't like with a nice, smooth, rich color that I absolutely love.  Let's take a brief look back at the yucky before pictures, shall we? 

The colors I picked were specially matched to the colors I had in mind.  The grey was called Milestone, and the blue was Award Blue.  For the white paint, I chose a white called Swan Wing. I figured white is a pretty basic color, so I chose that one based on the name.  I always see swans in Greenwood Lake, and anything that makes me think of the lake is perfect for my nautically themed bathroom.  

Are you ready for the after pictures??  

Pink ceiling, dried white. And no crack!

.... But the transformation is not complete!  Stay tuned to see how I transformed lots of my old bathroom accessories to match the new theme. 

Stay crafty! 

~The Craftmeister

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