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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The bathroom is no place for...

I'm currently in the process of redoing one of the bathrooms in my house.  It's a small bathroom on the main floor; it's the one that gets used the most.  As some of you may know, I have a modest rubber ducky collection.  Hahaha, who am I kidding!?  I love rubber ducks!  I have devil duckies, cowboy duckies, sheriff duckies, graduation duckies, leprechaun duckies... and the list goes on.  So to match, I painted half of the bathroom a buttery yellow.  The bottom half of the bathroom is covered by white beadboard/wainscoting, so it's not too overwhelmingly yellow.  I was looking for ideas on Pinterest for additional bathroom decor ideas, something kitschy that would compliment the many duckies.  And what I found really, really put me off of bathroom decor.

What is with the passive aggressive signs for the bathroom?

Here are some of the best of the worst....

Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers, Because Jesus and Germs are Everywhere! 

If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle, Please Be Sweet and Wipe the Seat. 

My Aim is to Keep This Bathroom Clean, Your Aim Will Help. 

This Bathroom Was Clean Yesterday... So Sorry You Missed It

Changing the Toilet Paper Roll Will Not Cause Brain Damage 

Then there's the many rules on one sign trend that have basically all of the things listed above, but lovingly signed "Love, Mom".  Seriously?  Are people who use your bathroom that dirty that they need stupid reminders in the bathroom?  Or maybe people just think it's cute?  I really don't get it. 

I DO like cute signs in the bathroom.  Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Baths 5¢, Smile, Powder Room, or my personal favorite for a full bathroom.... Get Naked. All perfectly fine in my book!   But don't nag at me to clean behind my ears while I'm on the John.... 

Am I alone in this?

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