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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy October

Beautiful autumn sunset over the mountain behind my house

It's juuuuust barely October and I have been thinking about Halloween for weeks!! ...Okay, maybe months... I love love love   Halloween!  This Halloween I'm making some costumes for some very adorable twins, and they're going as a pretty badass set of famous twins, Luke and Leia from Star Wars!

The twins are barely a year old so the costumes have to be sized down from the originals in the movies (just a bit).  Leia's dress I figured would be easy enough, and Luke's Jedi tunic can be a re-purposed Karate Gi.  However, no karate gi is made for an eleven month old, so I'm making it from scratch.  I haven't made too many things with my sewing machine, so it's been a fun challenge. 

I've crocheted a hairpiece hat for Leia's buns, and it came out really cool looking! 
It's a single crochet hat with two very long braids wrapped in a coil.  Very easy, and warm too just in case it's chilly Halloween night.  Here's the Leia hat prototype (the real one is bigger and a darker brown).

Speaking of hats.... Check out these candy corn hats my sister Heidi ordered for some of the kids in our family.  I crocheted a total of six hats, and I had a ton of fun doing so.   I followed the tutorial on The Worsted Crochet Blog (seen here:  The only difference is I didn't make ear flaps and I did one extra row of yellow. We had the kids try them on ...and hilarity ensued. Trying to get three kids under three to sit still for a cute picture was really difficult, so I just took a ton of pictures.  I took so many, my phone made a mini video of all the pictures, I love the result! Its almost as crazy as being there in real life!

Thanks Google+! ... said no one ever. Except for me. This one time. 

Hats! Hats! Hats!!  Here's another hat I made! It came out totally differently that what I was expecting.  I followed the pattern exactly, but I think I was stitching too tight and using too thick yarn.  I think it came out kind of cute looking anyway, so I kept going the way I was going and added a scalloped edge to it for more fun.  It's really warm!  And it's a piece I can totally keep for myself!
Back to Halloween...

Now that I have a huge dining room table, I figured it would be fun to make a cool Halloween table setting.  My table is a nice dark wood so I wanted to use a table runner instead of a table cloth. Why cover up that beautiful wood?!  I haven't gotten around to making a long table runner just yet, so I decided to do three small centerpieces in a row as a table runner.  I used three round multi colored straw placemats that had autumn colors like crimson, gold, amber, and brown (only $2 each). 

I set a small centerpiece on each; a large sugar skull I got from Home Goods, a bouquet of spooky purple and black roses with sparkly spiders from the dollar store (YES! The $1 Store!), and a cool collection of four candles in interesting holders.  Paired all that with orange place mats (great for all of the fall/harvest season, not just Halloween) and I have a cool Halloween table! 
The Halloween wine glasses were a gift from my sister, they really complete the table spooking - I mean table setting

You know that Christmas song The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?  That is totally a fall song... totally.  Autumn is the BEST time of year!  

Stay Spooky!
~The Craftmeister 

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