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Monday, February 3, 2014

Kitty siblings & new dining room

It's normal for human siblings to act like one another - but I think it's pretty cool when cat siblings start showing similarities.  I've heard Gordo mimic Puffin's meow, and Puffin mimic Gordo's grunt. The other day I was snapping pictures of the two kitties check out my new dining room set, and I got a picture of Puffin strutting.  Here's the cool thing - I have a picture of Gordo strutting almost the same exact way when I first found him in Rosedale!  

Okay, so there are some differences, but I still thought it was pretty funny.  Here are some more pictures of my dining rom set!  I have a dining room!!  

"Pub height" table and chairs, the table can open to 9 feet! The cabinet in the back matches a piece we have in the kitchen, and it's now full of Mader heirloom china. 

Here's a shot from a different angle

Anybody recognize the centerpiece? ;)   There's a wine server in the back with drawers and matching details. 

I love having a real dining room!  I can't wait to have many awesome meals in there with my family.  Holidays are going to be a lot more comfortable!  <3

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