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Friday, December 27, 2013

Pet Stocking

Growing up, all us kids had personalized stockings.  My parents picked out stocking for us with a cool design or character on it, and my mother wrote our names in glitter.  I always liked that tradition, and I would love to continue that tradition when my husband and I start our own family.  Right now though, our pets are our family.  And like kids, they each have their own personality traits and different looks.  I wanted to make truly unique stockings for my furry kids that captured their spirit.  

All of these stockings were made with felt and lots of love. 

Henrik: The crazy eyed, always excitable Australian Shepherd.   

Gordo: The happy ginger cat.
And Puffin:  The princess kitty.

 After creating these stocking and posting them on facebook, they were so well received!  People loved them!  So here's a few more that I've created...

Vegas: The pampered Mini Schnauzer.

Unfortunately, I don't have a complete picture of this stocking

Toby: The playful and doofy lab mix.

Lucky: The Cutie Yorkie.
This stocking was made with a combination of felt and yarn

Molly: The Poised Mini Poodle.

Kayto: The shy American Eskimo .

Cosmo: the playful American Eskimo mix (Kayto's brother).
Cosmo has light beige spots by his ears, I created that effect by using tea as a dye.  It worked well and it smells yummy!

Callie: The sassy and silly tortoiseshell cat.

So that's what I've been working on for Christmas and why I haven't been posting.  If you'd like one of these personalized stocking for one of your furry kids, let me know!  They are $20 a piece and I do require a week or so to create them, so place your orders for next Christmas now!

Hope everybody is enjoying their holidays!  Here's a bit of holiday cheer I made for my kitchen while making some Broccoli & Cheddar soup - recipe coming soon!   ;-)

Broccoli stem and carrot peels    Ho Ho Ho!

Stay crafty!
~The Craftmeister

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