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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tantalizing Pixelizing

With all this nostalgia in the air, I've discovered some 8bit items are making a come back.  It's cool to look like an old school video game, apparently....
Available at Think Geek :
Also at Think Geek :

And I've noticed that this trend can easily be translated into crochet or quilting.  Here's an old gamer blanket, made from granny squares.  The 8 bit Mario!

Tutorial available for free on :

That got me thinking... what else could I create in 8bit?  The Mario blanket is awesome, but I'd like to come up with something that hasn't been done before.   I figured I can possibly change any picture or logo into an 8bit blanket/throw.  Here's a few ideas I have that can be made in this style....

NY Rangers logo 
Jack O'Lantern pillow (inspired by my mother's famous Santa Pillow, every family member will get one)
Puzzle Pieces (I was thinking for Autism Awareness, and selling it, donating the proceeds to Autism Speaks)

I think that's enough ideas for now... I still have to organize my yarn stash to see what I have.  Do you have any ideas that may work in an 8bit style blanket?  Maybe I'll get really adventurous and try quilting one of these with my new sewing machine!

....We'll see.

Stay Creative!

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