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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Classic Chicken Soup

This recipe is a great starter recipe; it's the first soup I've made and I have fun adding something different to it each time I make it. 

What you need
1 whole chicken (Perdue oven roasters work well, remember to remove the giblets from inside)
5 carrots
5 stalks of celery
4 onions
12 cups water (a combination of chicken broth and water works well too)
Salt and pepper to taste
Optional veggies - up to 1 cup each (Turnips, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms, snap peas, just about anything really....)
Optional egg noodles

Start by boiling the whole chicken in the 12 cups of water/broth.  Quick chop two onions, three (peeled) carrots and two celery stalks.  Chop celery flowery, leafy greens and add all to soup.  Let boil for two hours, stirring every once in a while.  Skim off any impurities that rise to the top.  Take out chicken and let sit on a large cutting board to cool.  Place a large strainer in a large bowl.  Pour soup into the strainer/bowl to strain.  Pour broth through a sieve back into a pot to boil.  Peel, chop (bite sized pieces), and add all veggies to pot of broth.  Boil on medium for 2 hours or until veggies are soft.  After chicken had cooled, peel skin and meat from bones.  Put the meat in a bowl with a lid and put in the fridge. Add chicken and salt and pepper for the last 10 minutes.
If you'd like to add egg noodles, you may add them hard or boil them first in water and add them after. Adding them preboiled will cause the noodles to soak up a lot of the broth in your soup, and will leave it very thick.   I like to boil them first and add only a little bit.  Sometimes my awesome husband makes dumplings to go in the soup.  The very cool thing I love about this recipe is how backs it is, so you can add really anything you want!  Have fun experimenting, let me know what you've added in your recipe in the comments below! 

~The Craftmeister

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